The Maker Mindset | Peculiar Attributes of the Modern Day Inventor

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If you consider yourself a creative individual who place huge value on every ounce of your time in working at something you are passionate about but somehow question the sustainability of such pursuits, then keep reading. 

If somehow you think that your previous creative pursuits have not been profitable enough, liquid enough, noteworthy enough or meaningful enough, then keep reading.

If you are quite intrigued by your own disposition as a maker and need a researched reinforcement and a few tips, tricks and methods to improve upon what you already have discovered, then keep reading.

If you are a successful maker and remain fascinated and inquisitive about what happens in your own mind and that of other makers, then keep reading. 

This book is for all of you.



About Me:
Stephen Campbell

A successful maker who's launched multiple profitable micro-saas (Tiny Acquisitions, Virtual Ghost Writer), info-products featured on Business Insider, Inside, Bubble, several podcasts and youtube interviews.

Through the discovery of "the maker mindset", I have moved from a burnt out, indebted employee to a purpose-filled entrepreneur in just under two (2) years through the use of no-code tools and content distribution. 

More Info:

You can purchase this e-book/audio book as well as get more info on the project over at for a small discount. We have the price here slightly higher to cover gumroad's fee.

Also if you'd like the paperback or kindle version, you can purchase that directly on Amazon:


Can I get a refund?

This is a digital asset. Once it gets into your hands, there's no way to retrieve it in exchange for money back.

Once The Maker Mindset has been released, this becomes a non-refundable purchase.

How long does it take to consume this content?

You can read the paperback or e-book book in less than 3 hours (uninterrupted).

The audio version is split up into the 8 chapters and takes about 1 hour & 15 minutes to listen to in full.

Where can I follow you?

I am mainly sharing my thoughts, projects and ideas on LinkedIn and Twitter

How do I get to you quickly?

I respond quickly to emails. You can send me an email at

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The Maker Mindset | Peculiar Attributes of the Modern Day Inventor

0 ratings